We don't pester participants to review our workshops. These are the feedback comments that they chose to send us having taken part in one or more of our workshops.

Thank you for this morning. It was a really good workshop.

Arthritis Action


Thank you very much for the workshop today. It was very informative.

West Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church


Thanks for a great workshop this morning.

Chrichton Carbon Centre


Great workshop. Thank you.

Community Transport Association UK


I enjoyed your course. I found it informative and valuable.

Moray Food Plus


I really enjoyed the workshop and your interesting anecdotes. You made it fun and informative.

Woldingham School


Thank you so much for the workshop. I found it really useful. I do enjoy your workshops and get so much out of them.



Thanks. This workshop was really helpful.

Heart UK


Thanks very much for a very insightful workshop yesterday. Lots of good information to put into practice.

Home-Start Glasgow South


I enjoyed the session today. I found it really helpful. Thanks very much.

The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland


Just wanted to say thank you so much. The session was excellent and I feel I learnt so much I didn’t know.

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust


Many thanks. I enjoyed the course this morning.

Inter Anglican Aid


Thanks. Really informative. Really enjoyable. Engaged for the full 2.5 hours. Enjoyed your straightforward delivery style and the humour! Thanks for giving me a great overview. I feel more confident about the process and the terminology now.



Thank you so much for the training. It was really interesting and I got a lot of out of it that I can put into practice.

The Association of Youth Offending Team Managers


I have enjoyed my time on the two courses this week and will be feeding this back to colleagues.

Royal Statistical Society


The workshop was really helpful.

Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme


It was a great session.

Charity Comms


Thanks again for the workshop yesterday. Very helpful!

Nottinghamshire YMCA


Many thanks. The session was really very helpful and gave me a lot of things to think about.

Islington BAMER Advice Alliance


Thanks. That was a useful workshop. Given me lots to think about.

Argyll and the Isles Coast and Countryside Trust


Thank you once again. Really instructive. Some golden nuggets for this novice fundraiser. Love the dry wit also!

Advocacy Support Cymru


I found it very useful.

Wear Rivers Trust


Thank you. I found it very interesting and engaging.

Charity Link


Thank you so much for today. I found it very useful and took away a lot of helpful tips.

Scottish Adoption & Fostering


Very many thanks both for this and the Fundraising Regulations session yesterday. I’m much obliged.

Crich Tramway Village


It was an interesting session. I always think if you can take at least 3 ‘nuggets’ from these workshops, it’s worth going, and I’m pleased to say, I did. Really useful to have the notes to refer back to as well.

MACS Charity


I just wanted to thank you for your workshop this morning. The content was really excellent and I appreciate all the thought and examples that you put in to it. I’ve attended other courses of yours and I think you are really good about demystifying donations and asking for money, by bringing it back to the person and being down to earth about it. I look forward to putting your advice and recommendations into practice. 10 out of 10 - highly recommended!

Cornwall Heritage Trust


Thanks so much. What a super seminar!

Speak Life


Thank you for this excellent training.

Carlisle Eden Mind


Thank you very much for the training course. I found it a very helpful overview of project management and its key concepts and principles. My practice will be changing as a result.

Wokingham Town Council


I found the course very informative and just wanted to say thank you.

Animal Rescue Cumbria


Thank you very much for your course. I found it really interesting. It will definitely help me to structure my thinking. I really enjoyed it and found your stories really helped cement the points. You packed a huge amount in 2 1/2 hours. You have given me a lot to think about.

Susan's Farm


I found it a very useful course. It puts the things that I do into a framework and so generated confidence.

Spark Somerset


Thanks. I found the workshop very useful. I’m new to bid writing, so it’s going to help a lot. You were also a very engaging speaker.

Age UK Manchester


Thanks again for the workshop. It was really helpful in terms of broadening my understanding of the funding landscape.



Thank you so much for all the information over the last few workshops. I found them really interesting, factual, helpful and all with a bit of humour thrown in.

The Highland Council


Many thanks. A great workshop. I will no doubt be booking with you again soon.

Wessex Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre


Thanks so much. It was a great workshop and I will recommend it to others. I really feel I've learned a lot.

West London Synagogue


Thank you for your time this morning. I enjoyed it very much and it was really useful.

Carer Support South Lakes


Thank you so much for an incredibly helpful and thought provoking workshop yesterday morning. I’ve been a trusts fundraiser for a long time and it’s so easy to assume that I know all of the key things that trusts and foundations want to see. However you’ve given me quite a few insights and suggestions for adding in more, specific information about our charity into my applications. Huge thanks!

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust


Thank you again for an insightful workshop.

Alder Hey Children’s Charity


Thank you very much, I’ve learnt lots this morning!

Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC)


Thank you for today’s training, it was really useful.

St Andrew's Hospice


I just wanted to say thanks once again for the workshop this morning. I found it really useful. I much appreciated your style of delivering it with some sarcasm and humour! It made it much easier to take in, especially with the examples you gave.

Standing Tall Foundation


Thank you very much indeed for the training session. It was very informative and insightful. It has given me a lot to think about and work on going forward.

Sheffield Carers Centre


Thank you - very useful.

Suffolk Family History Society


I found it useful and it will be good to have the script as a reminder especially around some of the legalities.



Thank you. I usually do the administration of our legacy gifts but I am also part of the Fundraising Team so learnt a lot about this side of legacy.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust


Useful session and I’ll read the workshop script carefully

Sheffield Carers


I really enjoyed the training, thank you. Looking forward to the next session I am on with you.

Friend in Deed


Just a note of thanks for this morning’s workshop, which was super-useful and not at all boring! I’ll look forward to receiving the notes in due course.

Centre for Alternative Technology


Thanks – great workshop, really useful.

Owdyado Theatre


Thank you so much for your training yesterday. I found it insightful, validating (in parts), and motivating. I am looking forward to reading your script.

Us in a Bus


Thank you for the training yesterday. There were some really interesting points. I found it very helpful and I enjoyed hearing your stories and the examples you gave.

Child Action Northwest


Thanks for this morning’s training session, I found it very interesting and enlightening. Always good to clarify on what things we are doing well and where we can improve on.

Northamptonshire Association For The Blind


I thought it was a really useful course. It was really informative which is the whole point!

Disability Snowsport UK


I found the course really useful. Even though ours is a smaller charity there’s still some top tips and strategies that I will be able to take forward.

Caring Altogether on Romney Marsh


Thank you for the notes from today’s session. I found it very useful and just what I needed. It will definitely help me to join the dots. It’s a great training session and I would recommend it.

Sandwell African Caribbean Mental Health Foundation


Many thanks for the training today and yesterday which I found extremely useful.

The National Association for the Teaching of English


Many thanks for the presentation this morning and for the follow up information. It is all very useful.

Nailsea School


Thanks for some very helpful tips and ideas.

Surrey Community Action


Thank you for the information. I found the course very useful and will assist me with our future events.

Tudor Hall School


Thanks very much for the workshop. A lot of information to get through but really informative.

Science Skills Academy


I really enjoyed your workshop today which was full of good information.

The Highland Council


Thank you very much for sharing the notes from the training. Much appreciated. It was a very informative session.

Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development


Thanks so much for the course today. I loved the course and got lots of ideas.

Sara Lee Trust


Thanks so much for the workshop and notes. It was clear and helpful for my situation.

Hope Community Church


Thank you. I thought your presentation was really excellent and covered the questions I had in mind.

Cornwall Heritage Trust


Thank you. An excellent session.

The Rosemary Foundation


Thank you for today. It was very informative and helpful.

Littlehampton Town Council


Thanks. The session was really interesting and useful.

Cast In Doncaster


Really useful workshop. Thank you.

Young Peoples Counselling Service


Thanks so much for this. I found the workshop really useful.

Spinal Research


Thanks for the great training yesterday.

The Rockfield Centre


I also attended the Bid Writing Workshop last week and thoroughly enjoyed both workshops. They were very informative and especially useful for me, as I am relatively new to fundraising. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future.

Positive Action in Housing


Many thanks for the sending the notes out and delivering the workshop on Friday. It was exactly what I wanted / needed, just to understand things in a bit more detail from a governance and legal perspective.

Ben - Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund


Thanks, it was very helpful and you delivered it efficiently and with humour – the best way!

National Theatre Scotland


Lots of food for thought. Nice clear notes as well. Great!!

Independent Educational Association Limited


Thank you for this morning’s training. Clearly delivered and interesting throughout. I am especially pleased that you will be providing a copy of your script so there was no need to make notes during the training and I could just concentrate on what you were saying.

Age UK Wiltshire


Many thanks and thank you for an informative and useful session.

Renew Counselling


Thank you for the slides and I found the course very helpful.

Nightingale Hammerson


Thank you. The workshop was helpful and clear on the processes involved. The notes will be useful going forward.

Braintree, Halstead & Witham Citizens Advice


Thank you very much for the very instructive workshop this morning and information forwarded.

NHS Highland


Can I just say thank you for the workshop this morning – its one of the most relevant and worthwhile ones I’ve been on for a long time (and I’ve been to quite a few over my working career!!) – no mean feat over zoom! Thank you.

Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity


I found the course incredibly useful as someone that is just starting my journey as a Fundraiser. Thank you for all the wider context that you provided in addition to the core elements of bid writing. I will ask my employer if I can join further workshops in the future – budget permitting!

Cotswold Friends


Thanks - I found it a really useful and interesting starting point.

St Christopher School


Thank you very much for a very informative training workshop. I have been working in my fundraising role for a local charity that supports children and adults with learning disabilities. I have never worked in the charity sector and have been in the role for 1 week. Your overview was detailed and engaging and I now have some knowledge to move forward! Thanks again!

Grove Cottage


Thanks for the useful workshop this morning, I found lots of interesting information to work with and comfort in knowing that I am getting more right than wrong in dealing with volunteers which makes a big difference to confidence levels.

Salisbury Cathedral


Thanks so much for the training on Monday and Tuesday this week. I'm new in the role (Since 1st Jan this year) as the General and Fundraising Manager at the charity I work for and it was so helpful. It was both a confirmation that we are on the right track (I was one of the charity's founders and have done the fund raising for the last two years as a volunteer) and in giving me understanding and a strategy going forward in my new paid role.

Kairos Housing


Thank you for the materials and putting on a useful workshop – informative and entertaining…and good to know political satire is alive and well!

Kent Archaeological Society


Thank you very much for this very useful, informative and entertaining course. I found it packed full of relevant information and it is so refreshing to have a course written by someone who has real experience in the topic. Very much appreciated, many thanks.

International Mission to Jewish People


Thank you, excellent training and just what I needed!

Scot Fish Museum


Many thanks for sending the notes over so quickly, the webinar was really useful. I look forward to attending the other courses I’ve booked over the next few months.

Our Dementia Choir


Thank you for an excellent workshop presentation this morning. It answered all my questions.

Winchester District Scouts


I just want to say thank you for the informative session on legacy giving.

Rosemere Cancer Foundation


Thank you very much, the course covered lots of topics and included things we would probably have never thought of, we look forward to building this into our fundraising strategy.

The Rees Foundation


Thank you for the informative session. I definitely benefitted from it and will take what I have learned into my role as Bid Writer.

Deaf Action


Thanks, found the workshop really useful and I think will be a great help in the role.

East Grinstead Town Council


Thanks for this. I found the workshop really useful yesterday and have started to put some reflective plans in place already.

Viables Community Association


Thank you so much for sending this and for the helpful tips/information shared at the training.



Many thanks for this earlier was really information and also reassuring. Thanks for the info sheet too.

Ledbury Poetry


Brilliant thank you! Super, worthwhile morning.

Beaumond House


Good afternoon, once again big thank you for extensive training. Bid writing seems to be complicated but now after hearing all these explained clearly looks like detailed business proposal with all details in place. Once again appreciated for all information.

Helping Hands WRX


Thank you and thanks for an interesting course!

Advice UK


Thank you very much for this and for the very informative and interesting training this morning. It was very helpful indeed.

Surrey Heath Borough Council


Thank you appreciate that. Also thank you for the class gave me a better understanding and fresh ideas.

Launch It


Thank you very much for the notes. I found the session very informative and it has certainly given me lots of ideas for how to do develop our strategy.

Netherthorpe & Upperthorpe Community Alliance


This morning was really useful.

Highland Third Sector Interface


Thanks so much. Great course and delivery!

Deptford Methodist Mission


Many thanks for this morning it was very informative.

The Outlook Foundation


Thanks, I found it very useful.

Cycling UK


I found the workshop very helpful and it had lots of useful information.

South Ayrshire Council


It was very well delivered and I felt it was very informative.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council


Thank you so much for a very informative workshop.



Thanks very much for sending through your presentation and examples of bids from the workshop on Monday. I found the session very helpful and may sign up for another workshop sometime in the future.

Age UK Surrey


Many thanks for sharing the notes. It was a really useful workshop and lots to feed back to the charity.

Governors for Schools


It was a good mix of reminders of good practice as well as some additional focus points.

Money A+E


Excellent workshop, really opened my eyes into the trends etc of Bid Writing. Really enjoyed your teaching style, very engaging and on point.

N-GAGE Therapeutic Care LTD


Thanks again for the crash course in bid-writing. I wish I had attended this months ago! Really concise, strong information to set us up for our funding journey.

Driver Youth Trust


Thanks, great workshop this morning.

Weaver Vale Housing Trust Limited


Thank you for the session this morning; it was very useful.

Launceston Visitor & Information Centre


I very much enjoyed your bid writing course and am about to look for funders who would help fund a deposit for our respite cabin. So I feel much more prepared after Monday.

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation


Thanks a lot for todays session, really useful stuff.

Mansfield CVS


Thanks for a couple of great sessions.

City Arts (Nottingham) Ltd


It was a very interesting workshop.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation


Thank you very much for the session today and for the additional information you have forwarded this afternoon. It was a very informative session, well presented, which as a non-fundraising specialist has given me confidence to get on and try writing bids!

Accrington Blind Society


I thought the today’s bid writing session was outstanding.

Community Catalysts


Thank you again - this was an excellent course.



Thanks Brilliant presentation

Exit Foundation


Thank you for this, I found the course really helpful and interesting – lots of food for thought.

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice


Thank you very much for the excellent training session this morning on recruiting and managing volunteers, I found it extremely helpful. I will tell my colleagues about your other courses in case they could use them.

St Mary le Strand


Thanks very much for this morning’s training and for sending the notes. It was really helpful and perfect timing as we are just about to do a legacy mailing. You have given me some useful new things to try with that and in how we promote legacy giving in general. Much appreciated!

International Mission to Jewish People


Thank you for a great workshop this morning, legacy is all new to me so it was a great to find out what I need to be doing and be aware of.



Thanks for today’s training and for following up so promptly with the notes.



Thank you very much. The training was very informative and the information you have sent will be very helpful to refer to.

Letchmore Infants' and Nursery School


That was incredibly informative, helpful and inspiring. Since attending this morning I have booked onto the Bid Writing Course so will see you again soon. Thank you so much.

Jubilee Campaign


Thank you very much for the magnificent course which packed a huge amount of really useful information into a well-delivered and compact presentation. In addition to the accessible content, I found it very useful for the wealth of ideas, data and insights that could only be provided from someone who has years of practical experience working in the field.

International Mission to Jewish People


Many thanks for the course today. It was packed with useful information.

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside


Thank you very much for sending all the materials and for organising the workshop. It was very helpful and I will be booking the Trust Fundraising workshop shortly as well.

Pathfield School


Thank you very much for a great workshop!

Little Angel Theatre


Thanks for this morning. I really enjoyed your presentation. Notes are very useful.

Arundel CE School


Thank you for the very informative and easy to follow session this am on bid writing. I appreciate the examples of successful bids you have sent these will defiantly help me in future applications.

Bournemouth Lifeguard Corps


Thank you so very much for this. The session was a great help as I am new to this role and eager to get started.

Calvert Trust


Thanks. Really useful session, got a lot from it and felt engaged all the way through (which is all credit to you!).

Jewish Blind & Disabled


Thank you very much for your time this morning. I found the session extremely useful and it has given me clarity and confidence in what I should be prioritising.

Dorset Wildlife Trust


Thank you very much for the workshop this morning and for all of these notes. I’m new to the Charity sector and have only been in post a couple of months, so found this a really helpful and informative session.

Angus Carers


All received thankyou for the very helpful training.

Living Keys


Many thanks for Monday’s bid writing workshop, which was not only informative but actually enjoyable, thanks to the humour you brought to the proceedings. I was expecting a dry, dull morning, but instead got a bit of entertainment alongside learning about bid writing, which was surprising.

The Linnean Society of London


A massive thank you for yesterday's training. The consideration of how much time should be allocated for each application and the rule of numbers really demystified the process. The training was light hearted but incisive and clear to follow. This has really helped to think about how best to manage the available time.

Queer Youth Art Collective


Today’s session was very informative – and I did giggle at your jokes!

Age Concern Colchester


Many thanks again for your sound advice and wisdom about funding and fundraising today. Really helpful.

Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland


Thank you very much for your invaluable insight and sharing these documents

North Kensington Law Centre


Thank you very much for the training this morning and for sending the following notes. There was a lot of useful information provided which should help us move forward with our volunteer networks.

The Association for Perioperative Practice


Thank you it was very informative. I enjoyed the workshop very much.



Thank you for a very informative course yesterday and your willingness to answer questions. I appreciate all the info you have sent. Many thanks again, I shall be recommending this course to others.

Children and Families Ltd


Many thanks for the 2 days training, it was most enlightening and educational.



Thank you very much. I did the Major Donor workshop recently too and have found them both very useful.

Everyman Theatre


Many thanks for the notes and your presentation. I found it most enlightening and helpful.

Kendrick School


Thanks. There were lots of useful tips in the course.

Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action


Many thanks for this morning’s session and for sharing the notes, it was a really informative morning so thank you.

Everton Football Club


Thanks. Learned a lot from the course.

Green Lane Masjid


I attended the workshop yesterday. Really helpful and clear. The follow up information will be invaluable. Many thanks . Would definitely recommend.

Wye Valley NHS Trust


Thank you for the session today and for these follow up emails, they are very useful indeed.

Dorothy House Hospice Care


Thank you, it was very informative and useful.

Vectis Housing Association Ltd


Thank you for sending these notes over, I enjoyed and learnt a lot from your workshop so thank you for your time today.

Ashgate Hospice Care


Thank you. It was really interesting and helpful.

The Blue Tangerine Federation


Many thanks for sending over the notes from the workshop on Wednesday. I really enjoyed it and found it very informative.

Ormiston Families


Thank you for providing it. It was excellent. I look forward to hearing more of your wise words at the legacy course.

Horris Hill School


My delegates who you have trained in the past are getting on well and have had good success.

Equal Lives


Thank you for sending these on, and thanks for the bid session the other day.

Scottish Refugee Council


Thank you very much for the notes from yesterday’s workshop. I found the course very informative. I have recommended your course to my colleagues.

Hertfordshire County Council


Thank you for sending these through - the training session was really useful and has left me with a few long-term considerations to think of.

Mid Kent Mind


I did a similar workshop 4 years ago. I've certainly learned new things today which just goes to prove that nothing stays the same.

Wessex Heartbeat


Thankyou so much for all the attachments, really helpful. Workshop was really interesting yesterday, lots to think about.

Mary’s Meals UK


Thanks so much for this and the training- I found it very useful, a good length and lots of practical tips which are often missing from training!

Centre For Cities


Thanks for all these and thank you again for the Zoom conference this morning, it was fabulous!

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals


Thanks for sending on these documents. I found the training really useful, particularly yesterday’s session which left me feeling a lot more enthusiastic about attempting funding bids. Today’s session was useful just to learn a bit about the wider context of world of funders/trusts/people with money! Training on Zoom takes a bit of getting used to but I found your presentations easy to engage with and the experiences and examples that you shared were interesting.

Riverside Community Trust


Thank you. I found the courses really informative.

Stroud District Council


Thanks you so much for your session today. I found it incredibly useful and illuminating.

Derwent Stepping Stones


Thanks, the workshop was very informative.

Neighbours In Poplar


Thanks for the notes, I found today very useful to get me started with writing my first bid.

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful


Many thanks for hosting the courses yesterday and today. They were both insightful and very useful, particularly in this ever changing landscape.

National Bereavement Partnership


Thank you for sending the notes and bids. I found the training useful and informative.

Swindon Advocacy Movement


Thank you for the workshops. I really enjoyed both yesterday and today.

Notre Dame High School


Many thanks for providing the workshop yesterday and the follow up emails. The amount of data and highly valuable information that you imparted in an extremely condensed period of time was incredible. It was of great interest and not more than a little daunting to think of the challenges ahead, but I think you’ve provided an entirely honest, straight forward and realistic overview of the skills required, showcased the pitfalls and highlighted the amount of time, effort, commitment and dedication required to achieve a positive outcome. I’m grateful for the insights that you have provided. It was an afternoon well spent. Thank you!

Blackpool Transport


The course was very informative - I found you to be very knowledgeable and your sense of humour was a great addition to everything! Thank you for your time.

Rosemere Cancer Foundation


Thanks, for a good workshop. Learnt a lot.

Thyroid UK


Thanks again for another really informative and excellent value session this morning.

Hammersley Homes Ltd


Just to say many thanks for bid writing workshops. It must be so different doing the course online rather than face to face, so well done! Thank you for some new ideas and your statistics.



Just to say thank you for providing brilliant workshop. Full of extremely useful information, a great refresher for me and entertaining as well!

Croft Medical Centre


Thank you for sending this and the bids over. The training was great yesterday afternoon, really helpful! Looking forward to the session this afternoon.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council


Thanks for the courses this week, the information will be really very helpful in my work supporting community groups to apply for funding. Thanks again for a really informative couple of sessions.

Lancaster City Council


That was such a great session. Lots to think about and definitely lots to learn!

The Clare Foundation


Thank you for forwarding the notes and for the course over the last 2 days. I found it beneficial and I am sure I can use the learnings from it going forward.

Worcs Children First


Thanks for the course. It was very informative and helpful. There was a lot of information so the notes will definitely help for future reference.

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust


Thank you. The training was very helpful and insightful.

Money Buddies


Many thanks. I thought it was very good and lots of useful information I can use.

East Riding Council


Thank you. A pleasure to attend and meet you.

Gloucestershire Deaf Association


Thanks so much for sharing all these and for your incredibly useful overview on Monday morning. I feel well-equipped for all the bid writing that's ahead!



Thank you for the invite and the bid writing session notes. The day was very productive and brilliantly presented. I can now apply the knowledge to progress forward.



Thank you very much for this and for the course which was excellent.

Prior Park Schools


Thank you for this information and thank you for the workshop. It was really great.

Marriage Care


Thank you very much for the course and these notes. I found it all really helpful.

C2C Social Action


Thank you so much for all the information, motivation and inspiration you delivered yesterday. We came away buzzing.

Peak District National Park


Many thanks for these and for your informative talks yesterday - some great stories too!

Shrewsbury School


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very informative and helpful.

Scottish SPCA


I just wanted to say thank you for the emails and for the courses. They were both indeed very good and I look forward to putting into practice all that you advised.

Corsham Town Council


Thank you for these and the presentation. I found it extremely helpful.

Chab Dai UK


That is great, thanks very much for these and for delivering the course yesterday.

Helm Training


Thank you so much for the information and for a very useful workshop. We both got a lot out of it.

Vectis Housing Association Ltd


Thanks. The course was most informative and this additional info is very helpful.

Hampshire Council


Thank you for the emails and for the helpful sessions yesterday. Looking forward to writing some bids!

King Edward’s Witley


I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for yesterday’s training. It was very informative and I’ve come away learning a lot.

Grimsdyke School


Thank you. I really enjoyed the course. Lots of interesting points to think about.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Thank you for the resources. As I am new to post I am sure it will be very helpful to me.

Furness Education Trust


Thank you for the workshop. It was very informative. I am taking over from our bid writer so this was a perfect introduction.

Our Lady's RC High School


I just wanted to say thank you very much for the course and extensive notes you have sent. I found the course extremely useful and informative.

Mansfield Palace Theatre


Great workshop yesterday. Thanks.

Newark Emmaus Trust


Appreciated the course very much. It confirmed things I kind of knew but wasn’t sure of and provided new information.

Longfield Hospice


I enjoyed your session yesterday and hope to be able to translate it into real terms.

North Western Reform Synagogue


I attended your bid writing course and found it very interesting. You certainly explained a lot in a short time! It made me think about the way I approached bids.

Health Watch Redbridge


I can say after years of fundraising I learnt so much from your bid writing course.

The Extra Care Charitable Trust


Thanks I enjoyed the session and found it valuable. Hopefully we will be able to put your knowledge and experiences to good use.

Restorative Solutions CIC


Thank you for all the materials from yesterday’s session on bid writing. It was a very informative day. For someone who has not written bids before I am definitely more confident to get involved with them.

Total Wellbeing Luton


Thank for the other day. What I heard was very helpful.

Age Cymru Gwent


I found the workshops very helpful. It is a whole new area for me, but the information you imparted has given me a lot of confidence with the direction I need to take and for that I am very grateful.

NHS Blood and Transplant


Thank you for yesterday. I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I will begin putting this into practice.

Inclusion Glos


Thank you for these very helpful notes. I must say I was really impressed with the course and the content. My knowledge and confidence has increased hugely.

Perins School


Thank you, I got a lot from your course a lot of pointers! Really appreciate the hand outs.

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Thank you so much for the course in I attended. I really enjoyed it.

York Council


Many thanks for the course. I found it really useful and enjoyable. There was a lot of things I’d never even considered.

Grow Up


Thanks for yesterday. It was very useful.

Timberley Academy


Thanks for yesterday. I will certainly take your advice on board and hope for further success.

Abbey Court School


Thanks, much appreciated and very thorough! I can tell my trustees what a brilliant course it was.

Q1 Care Limited


It was a pleasure to meet you. I have now received your notes which are to the point, informative and valuable for anyone treading this career path. Many courses I have attended have been so formal and boring you end up missing useful information but your injection of humour made for a relaxing and enjoyable day, which always makes learning so much easier.

Glos Environmental Trust


I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was really interesting and covered some very helpful points I can put into practice.

Inspire Suffolk


Thank you so much for a really excellent and instructive morning and for all the emails which arrived safely. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. You have a great delivery and you made us all feel included.

Easily England


Thank you for today. It was very interesting and inspiring.

Sion School


Thanks for the notes. I enjoyed the workshop.

William Patten School


Many thanks. It was such a useful morning yesterday and I look forward to putting all your guidance into practice.

Oak Hill School


Much appreciated your time today. Many thanks!

Seaford Town Council


Thank you for delivering an excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I have read several books regarding fundraising and each time I am left asking questions. Not this time. I really felt that you were actually giving us the tools to complete the task. It seemed that many of us who attended had a fairly good idea of “what to do” we just needed to know “how to do it”. You provided the facts in a straight-forward (and very entertaining) way which was easy to understand. I personally felt I could both relate to and put straight into practice back in the office. Because you also quoted figures that actually made sense, this gave me the confidence and reassurance that I am aiming in the right direction and getting there. I would be more than happy to recommend your course to industry colleagues.

Orthopaedic Institute


Thank you for your course. It was really interesting.

Together Trust


Thank you. Much appreciated. I enjoyed the session today.

Proffitts CIC


Interesting session yesterday and lots of food for thought.

The Henry Box School


Thank you for your notes. New to bid writing I found both courses most helpful and enjoyable!

Eastern Academic Health Science Network


Thank you very much for sending these through and for a very informative and useful course on Monday.

The Transformation Trust


Thank you for a solid day of learning. Loved your straight to the point attitude!

Barnby Gate Surgery


Attending your workshop today was a great learning experience.

Leicester City CCG


Thank you for the notes and the bids. I really enjoyed both workshops.

Telferscot Primary School


Many thanks for your outstanding workshop. Keep up the great work.

Five A Side Theatre CIC


Thank you very much for sending all your notes. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and expect it to be a big help in the future.

The Rise Trust


Many thanks for a very informative day. You gave us a great deal of food for thought.

PROPS Bristol


Thanks for a very informative and enjoyable course yesterday.

Swindon Borough Council


Thanks for this. Really enjoyed yesterday.



Thank you again for a very helpful session and for sending all the follow up emails.

Rochester Cathedral Trust


I really enjoyed the workshop and it was very useful for our organisation.

Equal Lives


Many thanks for the workshop and the follow-up notes. It was very helpful and informative and I learnt a lot. I’ve been writing a few bids in my current role but this definitely helped me think about the important parts and what to leave out. Would definitely recommend the workshop.

The Clink Charity


Many thanks for the attachments and your very informative and helpful briefing yesterday.

CiaO Foundation

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